District Daily Announcements

Daily Announcements

Parent Teacher Conference
Monday September 23, 2014
11:00 AM - 6:30 PM
Dinner will be served from 4:30 pm  - 5:30 pm

Afterschool Program
The After school program will begin on Tuesday September 07, 2014. The Program will Run Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday , from 3-5 PM. Buses will be available to all participants. We are only allowing 100 applicants. This is based on a First Come First Served basis.

Box Tops for Education
Chee Dodge participates in the Box Tops for Education Program. Please help our school by purchasing products with the box tops and clip them from the package. Each Box top is worth ten cents for our school.. Contact Talia in the office for more information.

Friday Popcorn / Pickle Sales.
Each grade level is given the opportunity to raise money for their students through the popcorn / pickle sales. Each grade level is assigned day. Parents volunteers are encouraged to assist their child's grade level. Please look for notices from your child's teacher.

Call (505) 721 2233
Chee Dodge Elementary is a Gallup City School

From the Acting Principal

Dear Parents and Community Members:

I am honored to be serving as Principal at Chee Dodge Elementary School.  Chee Dodge Elementary is currently a University of Virginia school.   This means that Chee Dodge, GMCS, and the University of Virginia are working collaboratively to make changes that will have a lasting impact on student growth and achievement.

As Principal of Chee Dodge my priorities include:
  • Increasing student achievement
  • Increasing teacher quality and effectiveness in the classroom
  • Increasing data analysis
  • Increasing teacher/parent discussions relating to data
I anticipate a successful year this year as we work together to support the academic, social, and emotional growth of students.

Your ideas, suggestions and involvement in our school help to make it a better place for our students.  I appreciate the opportunity to speak with parents and community members.  I can be reached at (505) 721-1300 or ahyatt@gmcs.k12.nm.us . Please do not hesitate to call me.  As Principal, my door will always be open. 

Amy Hyatt

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