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Daily Announcements

Chee Dodge School Hours 2015-16
7:15am - No students dropped off before 7:15am 
7:30am - Instructional Breakfast
7:40am - Announcements, students tardy at 7:40am

1:00pm - Monday Early Release
2:45pm -
Tues - Fri students released

Students cannot be checked out after 2:15 pm. Student transportation changes cannot be made after 2:30.  Please, be respectful of these procedures they are for the safety of students. 

Parents and guardians please ensure that you are dropping off your student on time and picking them up on time. 

Friday Popcorn / Pickle Sales
Each grade level is given the opportunity to raise money for their kids through popcorn and pickle sales. Each Grade level is assigned a Friday  and parent volunteers are encouraged to assist with the sales. Students who are tardy on popcorn and pickle day are not eligible to place an order.
Contact Yvonne for more information.

CDE School Handbook "Family Paws"
Chee Dodge Family Paws 2015-16.doc

Parents did you know reading and writing at home on a daily basis can impact a child's success in school and in life. An at home library is an ideal place where children expand their knowledge and vocabulary and develop stronger thinking skills. Be involved, learn about your children's interest and preferences. Help them build an ideal space filled with books they can read alone.. and with you.

Call (505) 721 2233
Chee Dodge Elementary is a Gallup City School

FERPA notice of release of information.docx

From the Principal

Parents and Community Members:

I am honored to be serving as Principal at Chee Dodge Elementary School.  Over the past few years I have enjoyed getting to know the Chee Dodge families and community members. 

Chee Dodge Elementary is currently a University of Virginia school.  This means that Chee Dodge, GMCS, and the University of Virginia are working collaboratively to improve student growth and achievement. 

As principal at Chee Dodge my Goals include:
  • Increasing student achievement
  • Increasing teacher effectiveness
  • Increasing data analysis
I anticipate a successful year here at Chee Dodge. I appreciate the opportunity to speak with parents and community members. 

As Principal, my door is always open.
Mon, Apr 25 - Fri, Apr 29
4th Grade PARCC
No Check outs
Monday, April 25
Chee Dodge Early Release
All students are dismissed at 1:00pm
Friday, April 29
Navajo Sov. Day
No school staff and students
Mon, May 2 - Fri, May 6
3rd Grade PARCC
No Check Outs
Monday, May 2
Chee Dodge Early Release
All students are dismissed at 1:00pm

Today, 4/29/2016
High: 55 Low: 34
Chance rain showers
44% chance of precipitation.
Tomorrow, 4/30/2016
High: 60 Low: 34
Chance rain showers
27% chance of precipitation.